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This clip was captured from an episode of Malcolm in the Middle
called "Malcolm Visits College."  The episode began with the
youngest brother, Dewey, masterfully playing a piano on display
within a music store.  After being chased off, Dewey pressed his
father to purchase a piano, but the idea was quickly dismissed.

Resentful, Dewey began pilfering household items
right out from under his father's nose, causing his dad to
question his own sanity.  As the subplot developed, Dewey
convinced his father that the missing items were being taken by
gang members which were regularly raiding the house.

At the show's end, after the father has been mistakenly
arrested for dealing drugs, police open the garage door in
search of evidence, and we suddenly discover why Dewey
has been swiping household items.

I found this scene clever and entertaining & wanted to
share the laugh.