Fluoride: More Toxic than Lead!!

Fluoride is dangerous and damaging! There is NO scientific evidence supporting any benefit to swallowing this poison. The only data showing fluoride helps teeth states that it must be applied to the surface of teeth at about 12 years of age. There is a huge amount of evidence on how bad fluoride is if swallowed. I have a running challenge; I will pay $100 (a check) to the first person who can show me any valid scientific evidence that swallowing fluoride helps teeth. There is none!

Fluoride builds up in the brain when swallowed. It NEVER LEAVES THE BODY! Fluoride is linked with ADT, permanently lowered I.Q., cancer, brittle bone disease, fluorosis, and the list goes on, and on, and on . . .  Fluoride has been used for decades to keep cattle, and prisoners, docile, and to kill rats. Why is this poison in our water?

The following 3 links will take you to documents which I compiled in my failed effort to combat the dishonest, emotional campaign waged against San Antonio citizens in order to gain votes for water fluoridation. Science was lied about and ignored.




Fact:  Fluoride is more toxic than lead, and nearly as toxic as arsenic. People are being LIED TO and POISONED!!