The original XOX graphic logo, created by Abraxox, with a rollover effect which displays lightning highlights.

The Abstract Dreamteching founders chose for the name of their music two Ancient Symbols which are represented in the Modern English Alphabet as the characters X and O. As symbols, each of these characters are as old as humanity itself, and each ultimately reflects an aspect of existence. X is a representation of our physical universe. It is the intersection of planes, a point of fixed focus, linear conjunctions (crossroads) and/or divisions (geometry), a basis of mathematics (2, 10, or a multiplier), and among yet other things and concepts, it is a cross. O is a representation of our conceptual/spiritual universe, or if you prefer, the greater consciousness of existence. It is a reflection of heavenly bodies once, and still, worshipped, such as the sun and the moon. It is the cycle of life and death, endlessness, inclusion, protection, wholeness, unity, and completion.

There are multiple ways to interpret these icons in union with one another, such as X reflecting the double helix of DNA when viewed in profile, O indicating the eternal, or the universe when viewed from outside of time, and X again, connecting physicality with consciousness, embracing the eternal. Therefore: XOX. United, these symbols can be spoken as a word whose sound is "zox," a word with the potential to perform mnemonic magic upon the psyche.

XOX is hypnotic in its sound, and its tonality can open the subconscious to alternate interpretations of stimuli. XOX is a mental key which can unlock the static, omnipresent patterns of perceived reality, bridging the gap between inner space and external time awareness like an eclectic electric current. Inferring the structured helix of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the universe, and the essence of consciousness,  XOX is the symbolism which best represents the auditory explorations and intentions of Abraxox and Bonfyr Verboo.

Abstract Dreamteching is aware of the magic in tonality. This is a knowledge which the ancient peoples of the world are believed to have understood, but was lost to science until recently. Science has proven that sound can both heal or destroy, although such technology and knowledge is still tightly controlled. The Earth, itself, exists within a resonance which is rising in frequency, and as creatures bound to Earth, people are experiencing the effects of this. It has been theorized that the Great Pyramid of Giza is a tonal device of some type, since it has been discovered to have a resonant tone. Human beings also have their own individual resonance frequencies, which are under continuous passive & active assaults by disruptive energies from almost every facet of our modernized, technological existence.

Attempting to use modern technology with positive intent, Abraxox and Bonfyr Verboo have joined forces to create varying images of resonance, of tonality, of sound. Theirs is a musical intention that can nudge the conscious mind into an awareness of thought levels which most people never consciously acknowledge, effectively creating a dream-state and introducing it to the waking mind. Sometimes relaxing, sometimes jarring, but always effective, XOX creates the music which one might hear during that ripple in time between now and then, a moment of eternity in which the spark of sentience infinitely re-ignites. Hauntingly enticing melodies are combined with pulsating vibrations and delicately interwoven into driving rhythms, bringing into existence a new world of music that is truly a unique experience.

by Abraxox

X is a crossing, a joining of two.
O is a cell, a cycle, a sphere.
is a helix within flattened view.
O is a link, a sound when thoughts clear.
marks spots, and mysteries to
eXamine and X-plain.

O is a closed circuit; a concept grasped or perceived.
X is silence; unspoken thoughts; an unspoken name.  X is an angel of eleven; CHI.

As knowledge of quantum science evolves, we have glimpsed astonishing facts and facets of existence which portent humanity's evolution. Three groundbreaking experiments in the 1990s unveiled dramatic, undeniable evidence of a newly recognized form of energy, a matrix, linking creation, each member of our global family, and the events of our lives, in unexpected and empowering ways. Sadly, our proximity to a reality shifting breakthrough in enlightenment is being counterbalanced by the maturing threats of social and mental subjugation, which will be facilitated by any dances of terror and death. The jewels of knowledge revealing facets of a much greater potential are not new, but as old as any of the greatest spiritual teachings of humanity. Science has discovered quantum connections linking human DNA and the atomic universe. The implications hold promise of a wondrous future beyond painful pluralities of evil & good.

In the 1990s, scientists conducted and experiment in which photon particle distribution was measured in a vacuum created within a test tube. The first observation indicated a random distribution of the photons. In the next phase of the experiment, a sample of human DNA was placed into the vacuum, and the next observation revealed that the photons had aligned in direct response to the DNA. Even more intriguing was the fact that the photons continued to display the influence of the DNA even after it was removed from the environment. FINDING:  DNA directly influences the physical universe.

U.S. Army researchers recently conducted tests in which a donor had cell samples removed from their mouth and relocated to a separate room for monitoring. The donor, also wired for monitoring, was then exposed to video presentations designed to elicit strong emotional responses. Observers noted that the separated cell samples still responded to the donor's reactions as if there were no physical separation at all. Although researchers anticipated the reactiveness, they were shocked to learn that there was absolutely no delay time between the responses of the donor and the donor's cells. The reactions were instantaneous, without any hint of a "broadcast delay." In further experimentation, the cell samples were moved geographically farther and farther away from the donor, eventually exceeding 100 miles in distance, but results remained the same. FINDING:  We live within a holographic universe, communicating with our world through a previously unrecognized form of energy that operates outside the bounds of measured time and space.

In a third, separate, research project, it was discovered that human emotion has a direct affect upon DNA. Negative emotions such as anger, hatred, and rage caused the helixes of pristine DNA samples to tighten their coils, compressing like a spring. Positive emotions, such as compassion, love, forgiveness, and joy, caused DNA samples to relax and uncoil, even to the point of separation of the strands. It is in the relaxed state of DNA that previously unaccessed genetic sequences, such as super-immunity, can activate. FINDING:  We influence our physical DNA through a nonphysical, non-local form of energy that is directly linked to human emotion.

The lives we live are the manifestations of the imaginations of ourselves.
We are controlled through consensus reality.
We are not who we think we are. We are much, much more,
with the potential to truly mold reality itself,
once we understand...

(And lest I forget, XOX is also "hugs & kisses")