Who is this "Abraxox" character, really?

My name is David. (I created the screen name Abraxox well before the German movie "Abraxox Must Die" was ever released, for those who have been wondering.) I originated the name by blending Abraxis with the name of my music project, XOX. The name "Abstract Dreamteching©" was created as a production name for my creative efforts. And, as seems to be the case with my screen name, my created word "dreamtech©" has also been used by at least one company I know of. I suppose I could claim to be a trendsetter of sorts, but that is the nature of creativity, and I shall leave it at that.

I am a creative spirit, by nature. I enjoy writing, poetry, painting, creating music, photography, and exploring thought "outside the box." I hold an interest in a self-discovered aspect of English oriented psycholinguistics, which I hope to eventually compile & have published. What am I talking about? Simply stated, words hold secrets hidden in plain sight. I will give an example:  Socialize = Social-Lies. Consider the implications of socialization, and the inherent deceptiveness which must be employed in order to lubricate social interaction. Other examples of psycholinguistic discoveries may be found scattered throughout my web pages.

My web-site was much, much larger a few years back when I was still with my first Internet service provider. I have only recently begun rebuilding my little world on the web, but I have less time to devote to this effort than I once did, so it is proceeding slowly. (I mention this after having considered how many of my psycholinguistic samples are missing, compared to what I previously had posted.)

As for my job, I tell cops where to go, and they go there. A friend made the statement that I have gone to work for the "dark side." I found this humorous considering the fact that he is now an attorney. Dispatching is sometimes interesting but always demanding, often requiring serious multi-tasking. I work the dog-watch (overnight) shift.

My perspectives on life have been gained through personal experience and struggle. I began a quest to understand the "meaning(s) of life" as a teenager, and my search for truth has revealed more mysteries than it has solved. I often have difficulty making light, fluffy conversation with people, as I would much rather discuss deeper topics. I am a philosopher by nature, with a non-religous interest in the spiritual nature of humanity and life, itself. I have some knowledge of what most people would generalize as being 'occult' (hidden), but this has been gained only as part of a larger picture. I feel a kinship with Native American beliefs which recognize the spiritual nature of our world. I have experienced enough in my time to convince me that there is much more to reality than what we are led to believe (and disbelieve.) Telepathic communication is one example of this. The only reason that its reality is even questioned involves the greater issue of what it implies.

We are, by design, spiritual beings. Human is only an adjective, "Being" is the noun. If society were to become aware of the truly deep significances of this fact, the power structures that benefit from human ignorance and servitude would crumble. For this reason, measures are taken,, at many levels, to keep people distracted from the truth. Enlightened minds cannot be manipulated, so it serves the forces of this physical world to deny, & fight against, any type of spiritual recognition. One healthy dose of telepathic communication between two souls is more than enough to crack open a passage of perception into the grandeur of what we are intended to be, and experience. It can be frightening to the ego, though, because it is deeply intimate, in its own way, and illustrates the self-illusionary nature which underlies the ego program. This is also why true communication between people is so rare; it borders on the deeper realms of telepathy, and when minds meet at such a level, all masks are left behind. It is the mask which keeps us stuck in "human" and lost to "Being."

If you can grasp the depth of meaning within my previous paragraph, then you have both an understanding of yourself, and of me. Although I have seemingly been a catalyst for deeper levels of communication with others throughout my life, I still await a soul who can meet me at such a level, of their own accord. Perhaps I have said enough, for now. So, who are you?

My Natal Diagram
I was intrigued by my natal star when
I recognized the 7-pointed star within
it, a symbol I adopted many years ago.
A Webcam Snapshot
natal star image

I enjoy crystals and stones.